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How you can help veterans and their families

The Veterans association is only able to exist because of its dedicated volunteers and through the generosity of its Donors. Nobody should have to go through hardships by themselves, and the Veterans Association are here to help, find out all you can do to help us, from making a monthly donation to leaving a gift in your will to participating in a sponsored run or even volunteering by getting in touch.

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Help from businesses

Our goal is for veterans to get the help they need in the future. There are many ways that your business can help us with our work.
For example, you could:

  • Set up a business event like a golf day, an outdoor challenge, or a sponsored walk to work.
  • Double the amount raised by employee fundraising if you match the funds.
  • Encourage payroll giving so that employees can give in a tax-efficient way.
  • See JustGiving Corporate Fundraising for more information on how you can raise money.

There are other ways for your business to help, such as:

  • Helping pay for an event (e.g. a Veterans Association 5k run)
  • Giving veterans work experience, mentoring, training, or job opportunities
  • Corporate volunteering
  • Veterans Association is dedicated to helping fundraisers and giving them advice, but because it is a small, working charity, it is not always able to send people to social events and activities.

Give your support

If you are interested in pitching in to help out at the VA in any capacity, there are a wide variety of different methods in which you can do so. By raising money for us, you can assist us in supporting even more veterans. Or volunteering, explore the interesting variety of volunteer opportunities we have available.